About us

Oneg Magazine is a biannual publication and an online monthly platform.
A visual journey in the contemporary society.

Oneg wants to give space to new upcoming talent in all its facets. It is focused on youth sub-cultures, fashion and more – is a synergy between art, fashion, music, culture and media.

The main goal of this project is to reflect the interests of this generation. Which are the future ideas and talents that will shape art and culture in the upcoming generation, as well as the opinion of milleniar minds, about the world we have been given and the one we are building on. All this within an avantgard innovative visual environment.

For adverting and general inquiries: info@onegmag.com

The Oneg Team

Jessica Iorio
Co-founder & Editor in Chief

Ferdi Montenegro
Co-founder & Management

Federico Garza
Social media manager

Stefano Riva
Talent scout & Events

Andrea Collins
Journalism department

Farida Gueci
Fashion Coordinator

Vincenzo D’Audino
Music Department
Spotify Official Playlist

Luca Migliaro
Fashion contributor

Anthea Taylor
Damián Beristain
Alessandro Farina

Editorial contributors