Another Love


Volume #01


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“We are here to talk about the other side of love, sometimes a happy one, sometimes a darker one, a placid one, the crazy one, bizarre, cold, warm, life changing. Love is everywhere and everything, but are you ready to have a new one?
Love is all you need but the need isn’t always about love.”

We have filled the pages of this magazine with truly amazing work from various artists, making their vision of love possible.


Photographers: Ragazzi Nei Paraggi (cover story), Francesca Moscino, Roberta Lacaria, Diana Del Franco, Mattia Giordano, Federica Orsi


Artists: Sara Arosio, Alessia Bernardi, Martina Antonioni, Steffen Durant, Sophia Maayan Weisstub, Keta & Unicorns, Jenny Sharaf, Brian Burn